Supervision of SCM Performance

Too often agency supervisors and administrators assume that staff training programs guarantee quality performance. This assumption is a critical error!  While formal training programs are one element of the success formula, staff supervision is the vehicle by which skills learned in training are actualized into performance.  This is especially true in the area of crisis behavior management.  Once Safe Crisis Management training has occurred, employees must be supervised in the performance of SCM skills.  Joe Mullen, President of JKM Training  has designed this 2-day workshop for supervisors charged with the oversight of staff who perform crisis intervention with individuals in their care. 

Agencies that have taken advantage of this program report dramatic positive results when the supervisory strategies are employed.  This highly focused workshop establishes performance expectation priorities using proactive and reactive supervision strategies, explores supervisor liability and documentation issues, and provides interviewing techniques to be used when the need for corrective action exists.  In addition, game plan for “return to the organization” is developed by each participant.

Joe Mullen was a member of the taskforce that assisted in creating The Child Welfare League of America’s Best Practice Guidelines for Behavior Management, a manual that provides supervisors with specific responsibilities related to behavior management.  This state-of-the-art perspective will be added to the seminar.

What Can I Expect to Learn at this Workshop:

  • Supervisor liability issues

  • A model for organizational success

  • Differences between line worker and supervisors (responsibilities & expectations)

  • Supervision roles

  • Supervision modes

  • Supervision vehicles

  • How to reduce the number of physical interventions

  • Proactive opportunities

  • The four commandments for team success

  • Incident supervision

  • Coaching intervention

    • Quick assessment

    • Safety monitor

    • Therapeutic monitor

    • Communication issues

    • Ensuring follow-up

  • Reactive supervision

  • The corrective interview model

  • Documentation issues

  • Employee performance evaluations

  • Ensuring employee growth & development

  • Organization-wide crisis intervention performance evaluations

  • Good and bad supervision

  • Game plan for success

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