SCM Instructor Recertification

The 2017 Instructor Recertification program will present a wide array of information and training experiences for participants where Instructors will have the opportunity to interact with the network of fellow “Difference Makers” while sharpening their SCM Instructor skills. 

During this year’s program, we will be providing updates on SCM Staff training requirements and reviewing current SCM research data.  We will also be introducing several “gameshow” formatted training activities and a de-escalation activity designed to enhance Instructors’ SCM Staff Trainings.  In addition, there will be a fun and educational emergency safety physical intervention critique and scoring activity enhancing Instructor skills.  Finally, there will be plenty of time spent reviewing, practicing and perfecting emergency safety physical interventions for those who teach them.

As always, SCM Instructors will be required to pass a written test, as well as, an emergency safety physical intervention skill out for those who teach them.  This annual SCM Instructor Recertification program will return participants to their Instructor role with an enriched set of teaching tools and an improved ability to deliver professional staff development.  

As a reminder, SCM Instructors are required to attend an SCM Instructor Recertification on an annual basis.  This requirement is consistent with standards of the professional community, as well as, regulatory guidelines set by governing authorities.  

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Program Highlights:

  • SCM Updates & Research Data
  • Review of SCM Staff Trainings
  • SCM Gameshows
  • De-escalation Refresher Activity
  • ESPI Activities, Review & Practice
  • Written & ESPI Testing
  • Instructor Troubleshooting

Public Seminar Training Hours:

  • 8:30am - 4:00pm

Public Seminars:

  • $349/person – Register 3 or more and save!  Only $329/person
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Onsite Training:
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    2016 Recertification Courses

    Questions on your SCM Instructor Status?

    • Certification is valid for a 12-month period from the date of your last certification/recertification training program
    • JKM Training, Inc. provides a 2-month grace period due to scheduling conflicts
    • At the end of 14 months, instructor certification will expire unless…
    • Take the online “SCM Booster course for Instructors” prior to the end of the 14 months.  This course will extend your certification an additional 60 days during which you will need to attend a SCM Instructor Recertification course. 
    • Injuries, pregnancy, medical and other – please contact our office to set up taking the “Online Instructor Recertification (theory only)”.  Upon completion, you will maintain your certification for SCM theory.   However, you will not be permitted to teach SCM ESPIs until you are physically able to attend an SCM skill out with a JKM Instructor.
    • Extenuating circumstance (Military duty, other) which prevents you from taking the “Online Instructor Recertification (theory only)” course/attending SCM course in person – please call our office.
    • If instructor certification expires, you will be required to attend the initial 5-day Instructor Certification program again.
    • In all cases, instructors must attend the calendar year’s SCM Instructor Recertification Program in which you are due (2017 Edition, 2018 Edition, etc.)
    • Any questions, please contact the JKM Training, Inc. office.
    • Transferring your Instructor Certification to another place of employment?  Please contact the JKM Training, Inc. office.