SCM for the Austism Spectrum

Traditional means of crisis intervention and de-escalation are sometimes ineffective with individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) due to core diagnostic components such as language deficits (both receptive and expressive) and the inability to read non-verbal cues (facial expressions, body language, etc.).  It often takes specialized training and experience to be effective in addressing the challenging behaviors that may be associated with an ASD. 

This new addition to the SCM continuum provides vital information on Autism Spectrum Disorders for your staff, such as prevalence, diagnostic criteria, behavioral presentation (to include communication, social skills, and sensory issues), and real-life examples to solidify understanding of the functions of behavior with regard to this population.  Functional analysis of behavior is explained in a concrete manner that any professional can utilize when attempting to develop a behavior support plan for an individual on the Spectrum.  This course also provides specific function-based interventions that can be immediately and successfully implemented and monitored.  As this training is built upon the framework of the core components of a general SCM course, currently trained staff/certified trainers will find the curriculum easy to follow and apply within current programmatic structures. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss diagnostics and behavioral presentation related to ASD

  • Identify proactive approaches to prevent behaviors of concern

  • Conduct  an assessment to identify function of behavior

  • Develop appropriate interventions based upon function

  • Design a strengths-based behavior support plan

  • Implement secondary strategies to de-escalate a possible crisis situation

  • Implement emergency safety interventions

  • Complete, review and evaluate the incident 

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