Reducing Training Drift

Do Any of These Crisis Behavior Management Problems Sound Familiar Regarding Training Drift??

  • Documentation of behavior management incidents is not clear!
  • Staff injuries are increasing!
  • Client/student injuries are increasing!
  • Staff are critical regarding SCM Training!
  • Staff just don't "Get It"!
  • Staff never use the "Professional Library"!
  • We only have one person in each building who is competent in SCM!
  • Abuse allegations are increasing!

This one-day workshop is designed for SCM Instructors & supervisors and will focus on the issue of "Training Drift" or the erosion of skills and information by staff after their initial SCM training.   Staff begin to forget what they have been taught by instructors immediately after leaving their training session.  In fact, up to 60% of what was taught may be lost after just 8 hours!   

Managing the reality of employee drift presents a variety of challenges for managers and trainers.  This workshop will present training strategies to increase your staff's retention of the information and skills that they are taught.

In addition, time will be provided to examine the effect of organizational/school norms that may encourage drift.  When performance expectations are incongruent with training curriculum, drift is inevitable.  Strategies to counteract this phenomenon will also be explored.

Your program leader for this workshop, Charley Cheek, Executive Training Director, has developed and perfected training techniques for "Reducing Training Drift" with 30 plus years of training and consulting experience for various organizations across the country.  In addition, with experience as a Residential Care Manager, Charley brings real life solutions to this unique training problem.  Come and learn proven techniques and strategies that are guaranteed to maintain your staff's retention of the information and skills learned in training.


  • Explore the Agency Commitment to Quality Care
  • Examine the Difference between Learning & Retention
  • Identify the Two Variables that make a Difference in Learning & Retention
  • Identify Routine Barriers of Learning & Retention and how to Eliminate them
  • Identify Policy Issues that make a Real Difference in this Process
  • Explore how to Create a Positive Learning Environment
  • Identify the Training Methods that Effect Retention
  • Examine Proven Strategies that Reinforce Retention

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