Reducing Restraints

Do any of these crisis behavior management problems sound familiar regarding emergency safety physical interventions???

  • Every day you read documentation that includes emergency safety physical interventions
  • Medical staff report many minor injuries related to emergency safety physical interventions
  • Supervisors are always defending staff actions
  • Licensing staff are always doing investigations
  • Staff injuries &  workman's compensation claims are increasing
  • Staff are calling off sick too often

Recent policy changes, best practice standards and proposed regulations have caused organizations and schools across the country to examine how frequently misbehavior results in the use of physical intervention.   If your organization is experiencing too many emergency safety physical interventions, this program is for you!   JKM Senior Trainers lead this one day workshop designed to provide strategies to reduce the number of emergency safety physical interventions that occur at your organization.

Find out what research says about the most likely time for acting out behavior!

Find out the variables that prompt this behavior!

Learn to use an education strategy to work with that special individual who acts out continuously!

The workshop explores the policy issues, training issues, supervision issues, performance issues and staff norms that reinforce the frequent use of emergency safety physical interventions.  In addition, participants will develop an analysis of your program's design/delivery related to ESPI frequency.

If your organization/school is experiencing too many ESPIs, this program is for you!!

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