Our History

The Safe Crisis Management training program was initially developed in 1982 as a combined effort of Norbert "Nobby" Belanger andJoseph K. Mullen. Belanger worked as a staff trainer for the Mansfield School (facility for individuals with developmental delays and cognitive deficits) in Mansfield, Connecticut and had a background in the martial arts, which he learned at the Kodakan in Japan while in the U.S. Air Force. Initially, he worked for the Mansfield School as a residential aide while pursuing a degree in Marine Biology at the University of Connecticut. Belanger became a staff trainer for Mansfield after the institution administrators asked him to use his background in the martial arts to provide staff with a methodology of safe physical intervention to be used with acting-out residents. The administrator's request was prompted because the facility was under federal investigation for patient abuse. The methodology Belanger created was originally called "Safety Mechanics". During this same time, Joe Mullen, MSW was working as the Director of Training for the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judge's Commission. Prior to this position, Mullen worked for more than ten years for the Loysville Youth Development Center, a delinquent youth facility. While working with youth at the Loysville Center, Mullen became familiar with surface behavior-management techniques and helped develop some non-physical intervention methods to manage behavior. These interventions were premised by guaranteeing the safety (physical and psychological) of the residents. When these two principals combined their respective experience and information, the first version of SCM (at that time called Safe Physical Management) was born. Their partnership was short lived, however, because of Belanger's health. Thus the original partnership, "SPM Associates" ended and Mullen created his own company - JKM Training, Inc.

Over a period of several years, Mullen continued to develop material and refine concepts and physical techniques from other sources. In particular, he placed strong emphasis on developing the theory base and non-physical aspects of the curriculum. For the latter, he drew from his own experience with Drs.: Howard Polsky, Nicholas Long and Albert Trieschman. Their work and the works of numerous other professionals, as well as his experience in training both education and social service staff around the country, shaped the curriculum. During the 1990's, there became a higher demand for the program, now known as Safe Crisis Management (SCM) thus, what had been a part-time effort for Mullen needed a full-time response. To cope with this demand, the training company added staff resources.

During the 1980’s, Mullen responded to requests from the Training Resource Center at Eastern Kentucky University and brought the curriculum to the state operated program for delinquents in that Commonwealth. Soon after, he connected with Charley Cheek, MS who was working in private residential services for Maryhurst in Louisville, Kentucky. Charley’s enthusiasm for the training program and skill as an instructor led him to become the first training associate of the company. This connection was soon followed by the second training associate, Steve Laidacker, Ed.D who was experienced in both residential care and alternative schools in Pennsylvania. Later, Jerome Flint, MS who was also experienced in residential care and adult education joined the team. These three associates have evolved to become full-time, master instructors and curriculum specialists for the company. In 1996, Joe Mullen Jr. joined the company that was then incorporated. Equipped with a degree in Public Administration, Mullen, Jr. assumed the position of Business Manager and provided a capacity for marketing and advertising which resulted in significant expansion. The company has continued to expand. Jennifer Todaro, BS joined the team and assumed the role of Program Coordinator. Todd Fountain, BS who had operated for several years as a part-time Instructor became a full-time Instructor in 2011. In addition, Kimberly Matson, Ed.S has been added to the staff to lead the company’s e-learning initiative.

As the company has grown, several collaborations outside the Unites States have occurred. SCM Europe was created in conjunction with the Kibble Education and Care Centre in Paisley, Scotland and SCM New Zealand has been established with Paul Kennedy as the lead Instructor in Christ Church, New Zealand. The company is exceptionally proud of the credentials and experiences of its staff and instructors.

Presently, JKM Training, Inc. provides training on a regular basis to schools and social-service agencies throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to the SCM program, the company offers training in a variety of related areas. In all programs, an attempt is made to provide state-of-the-art information to staff. The materials are continuously revised to comply with federal, state and local standards. We know this revision of the curriculum is not the last. The ever-evolving knowledge base of professional practice and our pledge to stay current with this evolution mandates periodic updates.