Crisis Intervention Curriculum for Foster Parents

This 1-day workshop is a SCM Instructor training opportunity for those working with foster parents. Organizations working with foster parents are faced with the difficulty of training temporary guardians in behavior intervention.

JKM Training, Inc. believes organizations must be very careful in how they equip foster parents to intervene with children when they exhibit behaviors of concern. This program provides a recommended SCM curriculum for foster care. In addition to the recommended curriculum, this workshop will explore training problems specific to the foster parent audience. Specific learning exercises on modeling conflict resolution, corrective teaching, giving/receiving feedback and using planned consequences will also be provided. In addition, the program will examine policy issues related to training foster parents in emergency safety physical interventions.

Upon completion of this workshop Counselors, Teachers, Direct Care Staff, Para-Professionals, Administrators and Parents will be able to…

  • A recommended SCM curriculum to use with foster parents
  • How to equip foster parents with the ability to effectively intervene when behaviors of concern occur
  • Effective training exercises that build foster parent skills
  • How to solve problems specific to training foster parents
  • How to identify organization policy issues that must be resolved prior to training foster parents

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