Cultural Diversity Issues - Crisis Behavior Management

Cultural awareness and sensitivity are necessary components of cultural competency. General awareness and sensitivity; however, do not alter the perceptions and practices of many working with children and families. This is especially true during crisis incidents. To be effective in crisis behavior management, intervention staff must be alert to specific cultural issues that influence their thinking and behavior during these incidents.

When personal tension and anxiety increases during crisis behavior incidents, values, beliefs and attitudes imposed by each individual's personal heritage can impact the outcome of a crisis. When expressed by our actions and/or language, they can trigger responses that accelerate rather than defuse a situation. Knowing these issues and how they are communicated is critical to successful behavior management.

Participants in this seminar will explore their culturally imposed values and attitudes in relation to their responsibility for professional response during behavior management situations.

Jerome Flint, Master Instructor for JKM Training, Inc., will lead this exploration on cultural difference issues in crisis management. This 2-day workshop is designed to identify and understand specific issues in cultural differences that impact crisis behavior management. Don't miss this unique opportunity to increase your knowledge and skill in Safe Crisis Management!

What Counselors, Teachers, Direct Care Staff, Para-Professionals, Administrators and Parents can expect to learn at this workshop…

  • Exhibit greater knowledge and awareness about cultural differences related to the four major ethnic minority groups in American society and understand why development of cultural competency is important.
  • Understand the importance and significance of culture on individual and group attitudes and behaviors in the crisis situations.
  • Understand the cultural competence model including definitions, key elements, core principles, and the developmental continuum.
  • Identify and discuss values, beliefs and attitudes of his/her cultural heritage and those of other racial/ethnic groups as they impact behavior management.

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