Adolescent Suicide Workshop

This workshop is intended to provide both didactic and experiential learning components that draw from the most current research on adolescent depression, suicide and suicide prevention strategies.

The morning session provides a comprehensive overview of risk factors for suicide and signs and symptoms of depression as well as important social and cultural factors that lead to suicide. Myths and misconceptions about adolescent depression and suicide are also addressed. The educational portion of the program includes suicide statistics as well as an understanding of the mental health system, referral issues and access to mental health treatment.

The afternoon session builds upon and reinforces the information presented from the morning session. The experiential exercises focus on pragmatic intervention strategies, ways to talk about and address suicide, and developing an appropriate plan for a given situation. This state of the art program assists staff in identifying stressors and creating a self-care plan for the emotionally taxing task of dealing with at-risk youth.

Upon completion of this workshop Counselors, Teachers, Direct Care Staff, Para-Professionals, Administrators and Parents will be able to…

  • Identify signs & symptoms of mood disorders
  • List myths & misconceptions of adolescent depression
  • Name significant factors related to self-harming behavior
  • Describe the warning signs of suicide risk
  • Explain the differing issues related to prevention, crisis management, intervention & post-intervention strategies
  • Demonstrate a greater comfort when offering to help someone contemplating suicide

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