Since 1982, JKM Training, Inc. has developed and delivered a comprehensive training program for crisis and behavior support intervention.  Safe Crisis Management is a widely respected training model that is used in Human Service and Education programs throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.  Our training company has been a regular consultant resource for the Child Welfare League of America, U.S. Department of Justice, Youth Law Center and the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives project.   Safe Crisis Management is routinely recommended by these organizations because of our excellent safety record and rehabilitative philosophy.  The Safe Crisis Management training program has as its fundamental purpose the prevention and safe resolution of challenging and explosive behavior. 

Safe Crisis Management is congruent and complies with…

JKM Training, Inc. regularly participates in national forums and reviews the latest research to ensure the entire SCM system is at the cutting edge of intervention and emergency behavior management.  Our professional level instructors have all worked with educational institutions, juvenile justice systems and social service agencies.  Our company collects data annually regarding safety outcomes and consistently demonstrates field leading positive results.  A most recent consumer survey indicated that 99% of the organizations/schools using SCM would highly recommend it to others.