About Us

The Safe Crisis Management Training Company
Since 1982, JKM Training, Inc. has provided a comprehensive continuum of prevention, de-escalation and safe emergency intervention strategies for responding to aggressive behavior in social service agencies and schools. Whether you are working with oppositional and defiant individuals or emotionally disruptive individuals, SCM provides staff with a capacity to prevent or safely respond to dangerous situations.

Our Mission:
The mission of JKM Training, Inc. is to provide professional training that is based upon an uncompromising respect for the dignity of all persons and a recognition that best practice training contributes to safety, positive growth and improved performance.

Our Philosophy:
* We are committed to the welfare and the positive growth and development of individuals.
* We care about individuals.
* We know that organizations which provide consistency achieve better outcomes regarding staff retention, staff performance and growth of individuals.
* We believe staff must be competent when working with individuals.
* We believe in professional courage:  “Doing what’s right, even when it’s difficult”.

Our Message: 
The safe management of “harm to self or others” behavior may well be the most demanding professional task faced by teachers and social service personnel.  Success in these situations requires a set of knowledge and skills. 

In addition, intervention staff must possess a true commitment to assisting individuals even when their behavior is most challenging.  All who work with these individuals do not have this commitment.  Some have it by nature.  Some develop it through experience.  Some never get it.  In the crisis moments, this commitment translates as the “attitude of the intervention” 

Today there are various behavior management intervention systems available.  Some are designed to positively assist clients and students in their growth and development, while others are constructed to make working with troubled individuals more convenient for staff.  The world of social service and education is inconvenient labor.  Choose carefully.