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    Safe Crisis Management - Workbook SCM Instructor's Manual 2015 Edition

    The SCM Instructor’s Manual is the most valued resource of all SCM Instructors. This three-ringed binder with colored dividers separating each content section contains everything the trainer needs for staff training including step-by-step coverage of how to: introduce SCM, understand the reasons for training, teach SCM, promote positive growth & behavior, understand individuals, identify and understand behaviors of concern, respond to behaviors of concern, implement emergency safety interventions (includes step-by-step photos and descriptions of each assist), conduct functional behavior assessments, use behavior support planning, complete, review and evaluate the incident and create SCM policy. It also contains lesson plans, various handouts and suggested activities for every concept to be taught during staff training. Every instructor receives a manual during their initial certification training; however, an extra copy could be a wise purchase in the event originals are misplaced or damaged. Be sure you have the materials you need!

    Can only be purchased by SCM Certified Instructors - Not available to the general public.

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    Safe Crisis Management - Workbook Safe Crisis Management® - Workbook 2015 Edition

    This is the companion document for the SCM Instructor's Manual and a vehicle by which your training effort is recorded and professionally verified. Presented in an interactive format, the workbook provides a step-by-step coverage of the SCM curriculum including: understanding the reasons for training, promoting positive growth & behavior, understanding individuals, identifying and understanding behaviors of concern, responding to behaviors of concern, implementing emergency safety interventions, conducting functional behavior assessments, using behavior support planning, completing, reviewing and evaluating the incident, suggested readings, glossary and a trainee assessment sheet. Using this workbook provides organizations, instructors and trainees with an indispensable tool for managing aggressive behaviors.

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    Can only be purchased by SCM Certified Instructors - Not available to the general public.

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    Safe Crisis Management - WorkbookSafe Crisis Management® Impact Cushion

    The Impact Cushion is a tool to assist teachers and social service professionals in the safe management of aggressive individuals. Specifically, it is designed to reduce head and facial injuries associated with head-banging and/or face rubbing behavior during emergency safety physical interventions. The SCM Impact Cushion is a safe alternative to pillows, towels and/or blankets that may be used, but present the potential for respiratory interference should the individual place their face into them.  In addition, the Cushion can be used as a defensive tool by staff to protect against spitting, biting, head-butting and/or punching behaviors.  Availability of this tool for your staff will demonstrate your organization's attempt to promote safety for individuals served and staff.  The current concern regarding the use of emergency safety physical interventions in crisis management dictates all organizations emphasize "safety". The SCM Impact Cushion is a statement of "SAFETY"!

    Plus New Elastic Hand Straps!
    Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 2", Heavy duty vinyl covering - anti bacterial & anti fungal. 2 sewn in
    elastic hand straps on reverse side of cushion. Patent # 5928755

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    Safe Crisis Management - WorkbookSafe Crisis Management® - Polo Shirt

    Our SCM Instructor’s solid colored polo shirt of your choice with "SCM Instructor" stitched on the left chest. 100% combed cotton.

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    Safe Crisis Management - Instructor T-ShirtsSafe Crisis Management® - Instructor T-Shirt - NEW ARRIVAL!

    This SCM Instructor’s T-shirt comes with a small screened "SCM Instructor" logo on left chest. On the back is silk-screen our 5 "C"s - Commitment, Caring, Consistency, Competency and Courage. 53% cotton/ 47% polyester.

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